RTM Reporting

While RTM comes with a full suite of standard Reports, the user can easily customise those reports to suit their specific site and/or environment.

Any report can be exported from the system, in either Word, Excel or PDF format and, if required, the RTM service provider can assist with configuring any one of the available reports to be scheduled at the preferred time, run and then emailed to any nominated individual or group.

Having the RTM system automatically provide the data needed streamlines processes and frees up time for Management and Staff to do what they do best. In Hospital and Aged Care for example, that means deliver exceptional care to Residents and Patients and ensure the optimal performance of the facility.

List of standard reports

  • Alarm Duration
  • Alarm Frequency (Daily)
  • Alarm Frequency (Weekly)
  • Attendance
  • Excessive Response Time
  • List of Alarms
  • List of Operational Alarms
  • Number of Alarms per ID
  • Number of Alarms per Type (shown below)
  • Response Time and Time of Care Given
  • Time to Response
  • Time Tracking