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IP video management made simple.

Looking for a software and hardware suite that provides integrated video surveillance solutions (CCTV systems) that will enhance your staff, patient and resident security?

Consider a CCTV system that offers server, desktop, mobile (Ios and Android) and cloud applications for users to customise their video management systems. The system’s real-time analysis can detect falls, location and identification, including smart video search.

The monitoring software can locate, identify and record IP video cameras and quickly send the information to other systems and devices. It offers alarming for face, licence plate and blacklist recognition. 

This cloud-enabled solution incorporates video analytics with an unlimited recording capability. 

The video analytic functions include detection and alarming of:

  • Trips/Falls
  • Falling over/out of bed etc.
  • Violence (punching, strangling etc.)
  • Sexual abuse
  • Inappropriate physical interaction/touching

Monitoring, reporting and alerting solutions.

rtm Cloud consultancy services will recommend the appropriate software suite for your facility or organisation.

We will advise a clear way to monitor and improve your processes and productivity. Our team is dedicated to providing customers with the best-suited system for their facility, presenting detailed and reliable, real-time visibility reporting on how their systems and staff perform, regardless of brand or manufacturer.