About RTM Cloud.

about rtm cloud

Providing software and project solutions for Australian facilities since 2019.

Since its inception, rtm Cloud has operated dedicated to improving site productivity through seamless team communication, detailed reporting and project consultancy.

We operate across various vertical markets, with a strong focus and commitment to Security, Access Control and Nurse Call Systems. Our significant industry knowledge and experience has helped organisations maximise the value and effectiveness of their existing systems.

We work closely with our customers and partners, supporting their service growth and utilising a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Australian industries and compliance.

rtm Cloud provides organisations the best solutions to manage your team, and tasks for a productive facility. We provide customers access to server and software platform solutions that connect multiple systems.

This system integration notifies relevant team members of events – security breaches, client/ staff locations, staff performance and completed tasks – through alerts and centralised, real-time reporting compatible with any device, any technology, anywhere and anytime. 

What is rtm Cloud?

rtm or RealTimeMonitoring is a Cloud or on-premises ecosystem utilising a suite of integrated software applications and electronic assets deployed in organisations.


To assist with overseeing and providing total accountability for the electronic assets deployed. Basically, we use the system you have and connect to them with software that then reports to the service contractor who either installed it or mains it now, so you don’t have to.


Using one central data repository for all customer functions enables real-time monitoring, alerting, and a full historical reporting suite.

We use unique elements of the medical monitoring and security industries these have been combined for our contemporary customer service model.

The rtm Cloud complete package automates virtually every operational task performed by service-based companies, including servicing, regular auditing, task/job management, and monitoring. This automation gives customers complete assurance that the electronic asset investment is fully functional and being utilised.


rtm Cloud’s strength lies in our dedication to customer service. We are committed to supporting organisations to exchange role-critical information to foster productivity effectively.

We can also support an organisation’s disparate locations, systems, and existing infrastructure while transitioning to new. 

Local Support

Our team are technically trained in your industry assets to ensure timely rectification of any issues that arise, saving you both time and money.

We can assist with investigating your system and confirming the problem.  Typically we can rectify it remotely. If remote rectification is not possible, we will either notify the facility or can even manage the rectification process directly with their preferred contractor(s).