Integrated facility management solutions.

Project solutions for your facility through accessible, streamlined communication. 

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Communications management solutions for your facility.

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access control

Minimise your security risk of unauthorised access to your systems.

nurse call

Maximise your staff performance in high-intensity, time-sensitive situations. 


Integrated security and surveillance solutions to protect your facility.

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Integrated technology providing multiple system compatability. 

Powered by rtm Solutions.

As an exclusive rtm Solutions monitoring software sellers, rtm Cloud provides facilities with ways to practise effective communication to enable efficient decision-making. 

We have combined existing infrastructure and systems with advanced technologies to create customised and affordable solutions, including business phone systems, to reduce your critical communication burden.

rtm Cloud’s strength lies in our dedication to customer service. We are committed to supporting organisations to exchange role-critical information to foster productivity effectively.

We can also support an organisation’s disparate locations, systems, and existing infrastructure while transitioning to new. 


Consultancy for superior software solutions.

real time interface

rtm will integrate any type of event-triggered communications point, utilising all types of wired and wireless networks and systems, using a range of interface options.

project management

rtm Cloud will assess your company’s needs and advise which software solution is best for your project. 

asset monitoring

Our team will advise the best real-time monitoring software to keep your company updated on assets with utilisation and uptime.  

24/7 call centre

We are technically trained in your industry assets and available at all times to rectify any issues that may arise.