Nurse Call

Optimise your nurse call systems.

rtm cloud offers the very best of breed in full PoE IP nurse call systems.

Incorporating the CareTech IP Nurse Call & RTLS System, our Aged Care and Hospital Range helps aged care providers to improve productivity, maximise funding, reduce compliance risks, and enhance the quality of care.

  • Both the CareTech IP and RTLS Nurse Call System are manufactured at the same location in Queensland
  • CareTech IP and RTLS Nurse Call System allow real-time monitoring of each device on the network while tracking both residents and staff in each facility
  • Both Inbuilt dementia and workforce tracking allows reporting on TOC (Time of Care Given) for the resident, for the staff time spent in providing care in care zones and for zones not providing care
  • A system designed to leverage the reports and dashboard information provided by RTM
  • Scalable system using various technology infrastructures
  • A system that works over all mediums and can be retrofitted into existing infrastructure
  • RTLS can automatically identify and track the location of both your residents and staff within the facility

RTM integrates with existing nurse call systems, including solutions manufacturers no longer use, with new, innovative reporting and management systems.


Nurse Call Solutions.

The rtm Cloud team knows which nurse call software will improve your facility.

Put your mind at ease knowing your team will be alerted to relevant events so they can act quickly and efficiently. Patient care is the highest priority so all software options have device compatibility with:

  • Smartphones/ mobile phones
  • DECT phones
  • Corridor displays¬†
  • Email and more.¬†

Nurse call software also enables staff to overview an alert from a device, reducing multiple team members responding to the same nurse call alert. This ensures high-level productivity continues with staff undisturbed from their duties.