About the suite

Cloud monitoring for all of your assets across all of your locations

Real Time Dashboard

A real-time dashboard allows the visualisation of your data as it happens, with an intuitive display. They combine date ranged historic data and real time information that is useful for identifying emerging trends and monitoring efficiency. Real time dashboards usually contain your most important data, such as active alarms, average response times, and uptime of your systems.

Detailed Reports

Automated Reports emailed daily in PDF format, to sort your data in an easily readable layout to know exactly what is happening at every site – or create them on demand. Using our pre-configured or customised reports, you can get a deeper insight into specific events and know where your resources are being utilised to make better decisions around your assets in the field.

Asset Monitoring

Live information on your assets keeps you in the loop with utilisation and uptime. Be alerted if one of your assets is no longer reachable, or if a specified threshold is breached.

24/7 Call Centre

Know that at any time of the day or night, you will be able to reach your local support contractor via our 24/7 helpdesk Call centre. Who can assist you with your request, making sure if its a phone call a new ticket is logged in the Customer Portal for the Contractor to update once onsite or logged into the system requiring service.

Local Support

Our team are technically trained in your industry assets, to ensure the right contractors are reached for the job saving you time and money in rectification.

The Team can log into your systems verify the problem registered and sometimes even fix it on the fly. If not a ticket is raised with the specific technical information to direct the contractor to the exact problem with resolution time a monitored KPI in our outcomes for you.