Access Control

Complete security management for your system.

Monitoring software will minimise your security risk of unauthorised access to your systems.

An access control system is fundamental to a system’s data security. rtm software gives supervisors control over who is allowed or restricted access to areas of a facility or building.

All from one interface. 

As an IP-based network solution, this cost-effective, time-saving aspect of the rtm suite allows for connectivity in any facility with an IT system. 

This control can be customised by the user to manage who has access to designated areas and at what times that access is permitted. Managers can create settings based on shifts, time of day, employee rank or job title, etc. Ultimately, rtm’s access control system enforces who can access your company’s information and resources and who can’t.

Access control capabilities include: 

  • Monitor and control the movement of personnel and vehicles.
  • Easily assign access permissions.
  • Manage security alarms and audit their responses.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and government
  • Respond to emergency situations, lockdowns and alerts.
  • Locally and remotely manage the entire security operation from a single user interface.

Access Control Solutions.

rtm Cloud know the right access control software for your business.

We will identify the level of protection you need and ensure the best-suited digital application caters to your staff’s admittance needs.