RTM (Local Alarm Solutions) is a server and software platform solution. RTM then connects to most systems allowing input events from these systems to then logs and can report on all events simultaneously these are made into outputs to other systems. RTM in real time monitors and tracks electronic assets that it is connected to. Most assets can be audited showing the uptime of the fleet and information sent and received by each asset.

RTM has been designed under one simple ethos; “open systems”, allowing communication between all types of equipment from any supplier. We believe that the customer should always have the option to choose the best alarm / Alert device on the market.

RTM is working today and connects to most major manufactures in Europe, America and Australia.  Our Success is based not just on our RTM product, but also the strong support we provide for our customers. As a Brisbane based and Australian owned business, we offer a apricated knowledge and understanding on Australian Industries and compliance.

We have our own Software Design Engineers and support technicians always available to take your call, with the RTM 24/7 call centre. Maintenance service is fast and effective; we openly provide statistics to customers so that they can measure the quality of our performance.

Our training service is delivered through a unique combination of online trainers. This ensures ‘real world’ training for operators and managers not just about RTM. But also, for optimizing service performance and creating operational procedures

We work very closely with all our customers, supporting their service and growth with RTM technology and every evolving connecting hardware technologies. We believe that an open, straightforward and friendly approach is the key to being a true partner, not just a supplier.

RTM work across many Vertical Markets: